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Maritime digitalization is a must-know – and fast becoming a must-have in order to stay competitive. During this 2 hours inspirational event, you will get an update on maritime digitalization and learn how to enable safer, more efficient, and more sustainable ship operations.

Together with our partners, we are setting a new standard for data collection and utilization and during the event we will show how you can benefit from our way of thinking differently – on everything from the open infrastructure to the way we do maritime simulation training. And you are invited to take part in this journey.

From sea to cloud tour 2022/2023


14th of May 2022

Completed event


16th of June 2022

Completed event


4th of October 2022

Completed event


16th March

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Our previous Event in Ă…lesund, Norway

How can digitalization be the answer to some of the big questions of our time? What does the end-user, the charterer, require now and in the future? These were some of the big questions we explored, when our Sea-to-Cloud tour made a stop in Ă…lesund, Norway.

Start your digitalization journey

By digitalizing your fleet, you can increase efficiency and safety, and get the tools you need to comply with enhanced environmental standards. With Vessel Insight we have created a data infrastructure that gives you a low-threshold, viable way to collect the vessels’ data and start your digitalization journey. 

    Get in touch if you have questions about our products, how to get started or how to operate your assets smarter, safer, and greener.

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