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Smartgridkonferansen 2022

Say hello to your digital twin.
Accelerate the energy transition with the digital twin for distribution grids.

Put data to work with SiteCom® Well Advisor

The incredible power of digital technology, in the right hands, can provide extra muscle, intelligence and experience to well construction – turbo-charging decision making, ramping up operational safety and mitigating squashing the risk of costly NPT events.

Well Advisor from Kongsberg Digital is enabling real-time decision support across drilling operations, translating decades of hard-won expertise into tangible, immediate benefits for your project.

Author: Stian Skjævesland

A digital twin by the people, for the people

People are just starting to get familiar with Industry 4.0 and the automation, data, and AI that comes with it. And as always, just when something becomes familiar, it changes – have you heard of Industry 5.0? It’s already here. By the time everyone is up to date, it might have progressed to Industry 7.0, 12.0, or 26.0… who knows!

What about brownfield assets?

As heavy asset industries rage on towards full-on digital transformation, many organizations are asking a big question: “What about our brownfield assets?”

Good decisions start with good data

During well operations, oil and gas operators collect large amounts of data during the entire project life cycle: from subsurface mapping, to drilling and completions, well intervention and before leaving the well plugging and abandoning it. Formation evaluation, well integrity, rig instrumentation, downhole mechanical and hydraulics – more and more sensors are continuously collecting measurements.

For the sake of CIMplicity

Like almost every other industry today, the power system is changing. Electrification worldwide is increasing, bringing with it the challenges of stable power supply, increasing energy costs, and long-term sustainability across the energy industry. As we know, digitalization always comes up as a potential solution – but along with it, even more challenges.

Digital twins: Achieving meaningful stakeholder engagement

The industry has more or less agreed on the broader definition of a digital twin: it’s a virtual replica of facilities that becomes the strategic industrial work surface, complete with contextualized industrial data. For owners/operators overseeing complex asset portfolios, digital twins offer a way to drive digital standardization and scale quickly by unifying data and work processes. Digital twin technology enables everyone in the organization to make the best decision every time.

Get to know Devendar Rathore

“I believe Team + Environment + Mindset = Breakthrough Innovation. At KDI we have all three factors; a super talented team, world class workplace environment and a group of like-minded creative people. I am confident that together we will be able to bring breakthrough innovations that will improve people´s lives” 

Conference Blitz Bits

What do we think about when we hear the words ‘digital twin’? There are many definitions out there, but one thing is certain – as digitalization continues to find its footing within the energy industry, it is shifting from a nice-to-have to a must-have. This past month saw two major conferences take place where many priorities were brought into the spotlight, highlighting the work that is still to be done and how digital twin technology will continue to play a fundamental role in the energy transition.

KDI optimizes the value of joint industry solutions together with C3 AI

In 2021 Kongsberg Digital (KDI) joined the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of AI-based solutions launched by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft to drive scalability in industrial AI and accelerate digital transformation for the energy and process industries. As a leading provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers in maritime, oil and gas, and renewables, Kongsberg Digital offers complementary solutions as part of the initiative to help transform the energy industry.

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