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Maritime simulation is key to a greener shipping

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A recent report from Linnaeus University in Sweden shows that simulator training leads to a huge improvement in emission reduction for the shipping industry. According to the Senior Lecturer of the University, there is no doubt that the industry will depend on this technology in the years to come.

When and why you should consider a hybrid approach

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I’ve listened in and participated in several conferences and webinars these past months covering different topics related to digitalization in the energy industry, including the dilemma on how to maximize value with digital twins. ‘Should my business develop a customized solution or acquire an existing one?’ I daresay that there does seem to be a consensus emerging that a ‘hybrid’ approach to the construction and implementation of digital twins could be the ideal one.

Making digital transformation a reality in the Energy Industry

Why do digital initiatives fail? Or better yet, why do they often not live up to their expectations? As digital transformation ramps up, the more we dig into it, the more we see (and hear) that digitization, digitalization and digital transformation aren’t really new. In fact, across the oil and gas industry, companies have been adopting novel technologies and have leveraged data analytics for decades. And the ugly truth is that many of these initiatives often fail to meet the customers’ expectations. So, when we talk about digital transformation today there tends to be some skepticism around the topic.

Solutions for GNSS-Denied Simulation and Training

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The use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) has revolutionized maritime navigation. Most mariners have become dependent on GPS and other GNSS-based navigation systems and the high-precision positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services these applications provide.

With this development the requirements for in depth knowledge about these systems’ shortcomings and the ability to maintain efficient and safe navigation even in GNSS-denied environments are becoming increasingly more important, for military navigators in particular.

The combined product portfolios of Kongsberg Digital AS and SeaCross Marine AB represent a unique end-to-end solution for high-speed navigation and simulator training that prepare and enable fast craft navigators to operate efficiently in environments where the navigation system’s sensor input is lost or degraded by intentional or unintentional GNSS interference.

Enabling Major Capital Projects with Digital Twin

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The advances in digital capabilities are clearly opening new ways of tapping into sources of value. As the energy industry enters this transitional period of optimization and innovation, Digital Twins present an opportunity to leverage many of the investments that energy companies have made and realize additional value in a relatively short amount of time. Adding context, usability and virtualization to data systems enables teams to make better decisions, more efficiently and with increasing confidence.

Transforming the status quo and achieving real value

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The energy industry remains subject to disruption. Nowadays, the demand for remote activities and greener operations add an extra push and require the industry to rethink the traditional way of working. However, together with new challenges come new opportunities to work differently and more efficiently. Read more about how value can be created in this context through digital solutions.

Kongsberg enables digitalisation of assets to facilitate automated and remote work.

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“The oil and gas industry is finished” I was instructed recently in a casual conversation during my summer holidays. I held my counsel but my general response in such a situation is to suggest they look towards the financial markets, which we are frequently reminded are forward looking. Taking this on board, despite the recent publicity of Exxon dropping out of the S&P 500, Saudi Aramco has recently been reinstated as the most valuable company in the world, a sure nod to the fact that the oil and gas industry is certainly not finished.

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