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Sea to Cloud tour in Rio: From siloed data to open innovation

Rio was our first stop with our Sea to Cloud tour in 2023, and it was a blast! Inspired by the scenic views from the Sugar Loaf, the industry experts came together to discuss the latest updates in maritime digitalization and how to enable safer, more efficient, and more sustainable ship operations.

From a closed lake to an open sea

How can digitalization be the answer to some of the big questions of our time? How can traditional industries benefit from starting their digital journey? And how can digitizing help shipowners improve their products, to better meet the customers’ needs and specifications? What does the end-user, the charterer, require now and in the future? That were some of the big questions we explored, when our Sea-to-Cloud tour made a stop in Ålesund, Norway.

A single silver bullet?

The energy sector is under enormous pressure as expectations for more cost-efficient and sustainable operations grow.

Transforming turnarounds with digital twin technology

Steep costs, extensive planning, intensive use of resources… and that’s when things go well with a planned turnaround, so just imagine what happens when things go wrong. Is it possible for digital twin technology to ease the burden of turnarounds?

New ways of working

Incorporating new technology into existing ways of working can be a challenge. New tech is exciting, but we all know the feeling of technology shyness – especially with industrial software as rich as Kognitwin, our digital twin technology that creates a virtual model of your facility to both model and predict asset behaviors.

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