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October 20, 2022

What a digital twin is and how it accelerates utility digitalization illustration

What a digital twin is and how it accelerates utility digitalization

DSOs are increasingly looking to digitalization to meet new demand, make smarter investments and improve productivity. Digital twin technology has a particularly interesting role to play in the digitalization journeys of DSOs when combined with an effective overall foundation and approach. Read more about the high-level digitalization strategies that go hand in hand with digital twins.

The DSO digitalization journey – how to move forward

Getting serious about digitalization is increasingly becoming an imperative for DSOs to meet challenges such as increased load, demand and intermittent energy sources. These challenges demand massive investments and efficiency improvements in your grid infrastructure. With digitalization, you can determine where and when to invest more accurately and make better use of existing grid infrastructure. Read more about what that means and how it addresses challenges from megatrends like electrification.

Why today is the time for DSOs to address the grid challenges of tomorrow

Energy costs, customer demand, sustainability urgency – they’re all rising at an unprecedented pace for DSOs. These challenges are being driven by megatrends like the green transition and electrification along with rapid changes in European energy supply conditions. The result – time is running short until today’s grid won’t be up to task for tomorrow’s needs

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